Traffic Control and Transportation Applications

The applications include the intelligent traffic signal systems, Freeway surveillance and control systems, Electronic Toll Collection systems and electronic control devices installed on vehicles. Due to the severe operating conditions, the networking equipment or devices must survive in a compact space and withstand critical temperatures, shock and vibration. NEMA TS 2 standard has been developed as a design guide for the equipment that can be safely installed and reliably operate in these applications. Due to the function of the traffic relevant systems being installed, most are in distant and outdoor locations and the deployment may extend to several kilometers wide. The features of power over Ethernet and long reach optical fiber connectivity become important among the applications. E-Mark certification is also mandatory if devices are installed on vehicles.

In addition to the high performance in electromagnetic immunity being tested, a variety of KTI’s industrial products have been verified in complying with NEMA TS 2 environmental standard. Those products also provide some practical features that benefit the application system performance such as high speed networking, IP switching, long-reach optical fiber connectivity, Power over Ethernet, media converters, and water-proof protection. The IP67 Ethernet switch series, KGS-086X-WP and KGS-0841 even obtained E-Mark certificate as they fulfill the requirements for installation on vehicles.


IP65/67 Managed Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet L2 Switches


Industrial Managed Multi-function GbE Media Converter
Industrial 10/100/1000Base-T to Dual-speed Fiber Media Converter
IP65/67 Managed Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet L2 Switches
Industrial Managed 10-Port L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with..
Industrial Managed 10/100/1000Base-T to Dual-speed Fiber..
Industrial Managed 8-Port L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Industrial 5-Port L2 Fast Ethernet Switches with SFP Slot
Industrial 8-Port L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch