About Us

For decades, KTI has been dedicated to offering supreme and innovative network solutions since our founding in 1983. We deliver our networking technologies by R&D, manufacturing and marketing with own-brand KTI Networks to the world, mainly in North America, Europe and Japan. By continuous optimization to perform the service with speed, we help enterprises to take the market dynamics in the stride.

We provide various networking products such as Ethernet fiber network infrastructure, Ethernet Switches, Power over Ethernet and applied products for enterprise network demands or industrial environments. Moreover, for specific environments, we keenly offer in a diverse range of application solutions for railway, substation, telecommunication and any critical requirements in the environment to satisfy our customers’ needs.

In addition to our own-brand products, we also offer the service of custom R&D and manufacturing items for American and Japanese clients. KTI is well recognized by the stable and long-lasting product quality, trustworthy by our customers and distributors worldwide.

Our Core Values

Integrity Management

We are committed to operating our company based on the integrity policy and pursue the most benefits and create win-win situations for our clients. Within our internal operations, we have focused on our efforts to sustainable management strategy to be accountable for the manufacture.

Reliable Quality

As a company to assure the quality of products, we have a strict process for design and production. From R&D to manufacturing, our smart production lines own a complete quality management system for process and quality control to ensure each item accurately manufactured. With third-party validation and cautious examinations, our product quality is guaranteed to support the customers for achieving their business goals by reliable, secured, and high network performance. Moreover, KTI offers diverse products with global certifications of quality to meet the most critical customer demand. 

Premium Service

Being a customer-oriented company, our clients are always the top priority. How to provide the satisfied customer experience is our goal. It not only includes to help them find the most appropriate products and best solution, but provide our complete after-sales service and professional technical support to solve the related issues. 

Solid Domain Experience

As KTI has cultivated prestigious networking solutions, it acquires a recognition of professional experience in the network industry. We refine our products and production lines with non-stop optimization no matter in R&D or in the production process. This is why our customers keep loyal and expanding. Moreover, we realize the pain points of our customers, so they can leverage our domain knowledge and technology to help them focus on their own business targets.

Quality Policy

Innovation, integrity management, quality guarantee, professional service and efficient performance are the bedrock of KTI. With the quality policy certificated by ISO 9001, our solutions meet the critical standards from various customers. On the other hand, applying the ISO 9001 accreditation attitude to our governance, we ensure KTI sustainable operation.

Whether the development and manufacture of own-brand products or clients contract projects, we provide customized quality plans as the implementation for accurate manufacturing processes. Based on a mutual trust, we share our expertise such as decades of successful co-working R&D experience with reputable U.S and Japanese companies, which is highly recognized and the proof of our quality system performance.

Company Commitments

At KTI, we care our clients, alliances, partners and staff. By keeping innovation, improving product quality and service, and enhancing our competitiveness, we treat the sustainable integrity management as our ultimate goal. Meanwhile, we believe that we have a responsibility to reduce environmental impact and create a better world for the ecosystem by manufacturing eco-friendly products.