For industrial applications, multiple switches are often connected like a cascaded chain due to topology limitation.

In such configuration, a backup (redundant) mechanism with fast response is often required to keep the network operating when any cable fault or even device fault occur.

Features of KTI’s Auto Multi-Ring

  • One switch is capable to support four redundant rings concurrently
  • Supports up to 30 switches in one ring
  • When enabled, the ring function operates immediately even when switch just powered up.
  • Supports network redundancy for cable link failures and switch device failures
  • Fast response time to recover ring network operation as faults are detected
  • Helpful web page to monitor ring details and status
    Ring operation is back to standby state automatically after faults are fixed and ring is repaired
  • One switch can support both Auto Multi-Ring and Spanning Tree protocol concurrently.


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