Power Substation Environments

Electric power substations usually operate with high voltage level that can be 200kV or higher. The electric current flowing through the power lines produces strong electromagnetic field that can extend to over hundreds of meters. Because  of the fields the electrostatic discharge, charges are easily built up and cause damage. Most substations are functioning where the voltage supply is transformed and switched to and from different voltage levels and circuits. The switching causes voltage ripples, surges, interrupts or even outages on the primary power supply that is used for electronic equipment in the substation. Due to the nature of substations being built with tall metal structures at remote and exposed locations, the environmental conditions are extreme tough that the equipment must be able to withstand extremes in high and low temperature and humidity and high resistance to surge.

Some specific standards known as IEC 61850-3 and IEEE1613 have been developed to ensure that electronic equipment that is compliant will provide reliable operation in substation environments. Our KGC-261-DP media converter series and KGS-1260 switch series fulfill the requirements and criteria for the power substation environments. The performance, high resistance to the harsh environments and reliability are assured.

IEC 61850-3

IEC 61850-3 IEEE 1613 Industrial Managed 12-Port L2 GbE Switches with 4 ..

IEEE 1613

IEC 61850-3 IEEE 1613 Industrial Managed 12-Port L2 GbE Switches with 4 ..