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  Plastic Optical Fiber
  Plastic Optical Fiber

An optical fiber made of plastic. In large-diameter fibers, 96% of the cross section is the core that
allows the transmission of light. Similar to traditional glass fiber, POF transmits light (or data)
through the core of the fiber. The core size of POF is in some cases 100 times larger than glass

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  • Low cost
  • Thin, but rugged
  • Home friendly
  • Easy and safe to install

Conductor size:

  • Core: 0.98 กำ0.06mm,
  • Cladding: 1.0 กำ0.06mm

Conductor Number:

  • 2 Core

Conductor Material:

  • Core: PMMA
  • Cladding: Fluorinated ploymer

Conductor Diamter: 1.0 กำ0.03mm

Insulation Material: PE

Insulation Nom. thickness:

  • 1.5 mm: 0.25mm
  • 2.2 mm: 0.59mm

Insulation Overrall Diameter:

  • 1.5 mm: 1.5mm(+0, -0.1) * 3.0mm (+0.1, -0.2)
  • 2.2 mm: 2.2mm(+0.1, -0.1) * 4.4mm (+0.2, -0.2)

Attenuation: Maxinmum @650nm: 250dB/KM

Core refractive: 1.492

Cladding refractive: 1.417

NA: 0.47 กำ0.03

Tensile strength:

  • >70N (for simplex)
  • >140N (for duplex)

Allowable bending radius: >30mm


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