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Quality Declaration

Quality of products and services has been the highest priority to Katron Technologies Inc. (KTI). To accomplish the highest level of products and services, KTI has never ceased its effort and improvment in all respected areas. Our policy toward quality is "Success is built and based on continuous seeking of customer satisfaction"

KTI is ISO9001:2008 Registed

Katron Technologies Inc is an ISO-9001:2008 regiested company. ISO-9001:2008 is an international Quality Management System standard.

KTI Product Quality

Most of KTI products are carefully designed and manufactured for highest quality standard, and our products are tested and certified by:

FCCPart 15 
CE/EMCEMI EN 61000-6-3 
  EMS EN 55024 
CE/LVD SafetyEN 60950-1 
EN 61000-6-3/2007: 
EN 55022/2006+A1/2007 
EN 61000-3-2:2006 
EN 61000-3-3/1995+A1/2001+A2/2005 
EN 55024/1998+A1/2001+A2/2003
EN 61000-4-2/2001IEC 61000-4-2/2001 ESD Test
EN 61000-4-3/2002+A1/2002 IEC 61000-4-3/2002+A1/2002 RS Test
EN 61000-4-4/2004IEC 61000-4-4/2004EFT/BURST Test
EN 61000-4-5/2001IEC 61000-4-5/2001Surge Test
EN 61000-4-6/2003IEC 61000-4-6/2003 CS Test
EN 61000-4-8/2001IEC 61000-4-8/2001Magnetic Field
EN 61000-4-11/2001IEC 61000-4-11/2001 Volatge Int. Dips

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