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KTI Specialty in network Arena

Throughout intensive development following the company mission statement, KTI has developed a complete series of network products to meet the market demand. These products are generalized into three categories, including Fiber Ethernet Networking, Ethernet Networking switches, and Other Office Networking solutions.

Fiber Ethernet Networking

Fiber Ethernet networking is an ideal solution for distance or bandwidth intensive applications, and which provides extremely high level of bandwidth, network expandability, and data integrity, is capable of spanning distances from 2km to 100km without signal degradation. As a result, Fiber networking is usually an ideal solution for school or university networking as well as governmental and business campus environments. Aimed to these applications, KTI has developed a series of fiber solutions, and characterized of:

  • Scalability & Management - KTI provides variety of modular, managed media conversion system chassis solutions with power redundancy for fiber access network center offices to meet different application scales and requirements.
  • Variety of Media Conversions - For media conversion devices, KTI provides complete standalone products for conversions between network media types, data rates, and fiber types. Network types covering from Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and to Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Wide Fiber Options Support - To meet diversified nature of fiber network, KTI offers wide selection of the fiber transceivers and available in choices of distances, including ST, SC, MT-RJ, VF-45, Bi-Di WDM, CWDM, mini-GBIC for multimode fibers and single mode fibers from short reach up to 100km long reach.
  • Industrial application support íV To meet various industrial environments and requirements, KTI also provides fiber solutions for industrial applications. They are featured with durable housing, DIN-Rail mount, industrial power interface, higher operating temperature capability and enhanced EMI/EMS performance.

Ethernet Network Switch Products

KTI network switches are designed for broad markets, ranging from SOHO 10/100 switches to commercial Gigabit network switches. Notably, advanced features such as Management, Fiber connectivity, Tag VLAN, and QoS are designed and available in most KTIíŽs network switch sizes, even in small workgroup switches. Additionally, KTI also provides strengthened switches for industrial applications. They are durably designed for various installations and work environments. These allow users migrate their network to up-to-date network technologies today and future conveniently and seamlessly.

Other Office Networking Solution

In addition to solutions for commercial network applications, KTI has never forgotten its role to be a market-oriented network equipment supplier. A full series of SOHO solutions have added to complete its promise, including:

  • Wireless LAN solutions - Available in both 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a+g dual-band for clean and freedom network access, products including CARDBUS / USB / PCI WLAN adapters and Access Points.
  • Internet broadband routers - featured with IP sharing, Firewall, and VPN functionality.
  • Internet IP cameras - Permits integration of surveillance cameras into networks.
  • Network print servers íV Complete selection of both wireless and wired print servers for all types of printer interfaces, including USB1.1, USB2.0, and Parallel port.

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