• Add "Combo Port Operation Rule" to user manual of KSD-541/KSD-541-HP  >>More..
  • Add New Product KGC-310M Ver.C  >>More..
  • Update KGS-086x firmware v1.05  >>More..
  • Add new products KGS-1060/KGS-1060-HP  >>More..
  • Add application note for KPW-1012-D  >>More..
    KGC-310M Ver.C
    Managed 10/100/1000Base-T to Dual-speed Fiber Media Converter
    Industrial Managed 10-Port L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 2 dual-speed SFP Slots and 4 PoE+ PSE Ports
    KGS-0860 Series
    IP65/67 Rated Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet L2 Switches with PoE+ Options
    Industrial Managed 8-Port L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 2 SFP Slots and 4 PoE PSE Ports
    Industrial Managed 8-port L2 Fast Ethernet Switches with Fiber Connectivity
    Web Smart Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter 10/100/1000BASE-T to 100/1000BASE-X

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